Frequently Asked Questions

General Leasing Questions

Can additional furniture be brought into the apartment?
You can add to the furniture in your apartment, but you can not take any of our furniture out of the apartment.
Can I pay my bill with a credit card? Is there an extra charge?
You can make payments online with any major credit card.  There are transaction fees that apply with the use of a credit card and it is a percentage based off the amount of the transaction.  You will be shown the convenience fee when making the payment and have to agree to the extra fee before the payment is processed.

Can I request an apartment or roommates?
You can request an apartment and roommate(s). We will do our best to accommodate your requests, but please understand there are NO GUARANTEES.
Can I use my financial aid?
You should review any documentation concerning grants, loans or scholarships with your parents and Lock Haven University's financial aid office. Click here to view important information regarding loans, scholarships and financial aid for the 2018-2019 academic year. Most loans that would cover on-campus housing should cover Evergreen Commons. It is entirely up to you to do the research. However, the first installment must be paid before you move in.  You may not wait to pay that installment until your aid comes in.  We will require a copy of your loan verification with your second installment in order to waive 1 late fee. You are not able to be more than 1 month behind. Once your loan refund is given to you, it is your responsibility to pay the rent that is due.  
Can sophomores live at Evergreen Commons?

Absolutely!  LHU has a two year on campus requirement.  We have been approved by LHU for sophomores and older to live here.

Do I have to have a meal plan?
No, but meal plans are available through University Dining Services.
How close to campus are you?
We are a block from campus, or about a 5 minute walk.
How many people live there?
There are 408 bedrooms at Evergreen Commons.
If I am over 21, do I need a guarantor?
Yes. All leases are required to have a guarantor. If an approved guarantor cannot be obtained, EdR Management, Inc. will accept a security deposit of two (2) installments.  This security deposit will be refunded at the end of the lease term provided there are no outstanding balances on the resident's account.
Is parking available?
There is ample parking available and students can receive a parking pass during move-in.
What do I need to connect my computer to the Internet?
We have Wi-Fi throughout the property.  You may also use an Ethernet cord to connect your computer to the Internet in your bedroom.
What if I need to cancel my lease?
If you need to cancel your lease, you must let the Community Manager, Leasing & Marketing Manager, or the Resident Services Manager know ASAP. If you find another LHU student to take over your lease, you will be responsible for a $200 transfer fee. If you do not find someone to take over your lease, you will be responsible for a termination fee (equal to three (3) monthly installments).
What is the cost?
2018-2019 Prices: 2x1: New & Renew are 12 installments of $735. ***2x1 units are only available for rent for ONE YEAR. Academic leases do not apply to 2x1's. 4x2 Year: New is 12 installments of $630; Renew is 12 installments of $620, 4x2 Academic: New is 10 installments $685; Renew is 10 installments of $680.  If you have a question about rates, please let us know. **We are only allotted a limited number of academic leases. Once all of the allotted academic leases are signed, we can only offer year leases. Please understand that we lease on a first come, first served basis.
What size are the beds?
Every room has a full/double bed (80 inch).
What types of apartments/rooms are available?
We have four bedroom two bathroom apartments (4x2) and two bedroom one bathroom apartments (2x1).
What types of leases are available?
We lease on a first come, first served basis. We offer individual year leases that run from late August through late July. We also offer a limited number of academic leases that run from late August through mid May. Again, we lease on a first come, first served basis. We are also offering 10 fall only leases that run from late August through late December.  The fall only lease must be applied for in person in the clubhouse.
What utilities are included in my monthly installment?
All utilities are included. Rent also covers up to $190.00 of electricity in the 4x2's and $125.00 for the 2x1's. Any amount over this will be split evenly between the roommates.
When are the application and service fees due?
For all applicants, when you turn in your application, we require that you pay the $30.00 application fee that is non-refundable and the $200.00 service fee. This fee is for maintenance of the clubhouse and other upkeep. The service fee is refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of submitting your application.  We have promotions throughout the leasing season that will give a discount on these fees.  Check with us to see what our current special is. **Please understand the application/service fee is NOT A DEPOSIT and it, in no way, holds/guarantees your spot at Evergreen Commons. The only way we can guarantee housing is when we have a signed lease from the applicant with openings available.**
When can I apply to live at Evergreen Commons for the 2018-2019 school year?
Leasing for the 2018-2019 school year begins at 8:30 am on November 1, 2017.
When can I move in?
Move in begins August 21, 2018 at 8am, which is the Tuesday before classes start. If you need to move in prior to that date due to other activities, please be sure to contact the office 2 WEEKS PRIOR to moving in. Additional charges will apply.
When is my first payment due?
The first payment is due July 15th and the next installment is due September 1st and the 1st of every month thereafter.
Will you send me a bill for each installment?
No, we do not send out a bill each month. It is the student's responsibility to pay their bill on the first of every month.

Renewal Questions

Can I request different roommates?
We want you to be comfortable here, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your roommate requests.
What is a "renewal?"

Are you loving it here and can't imagine leaving at the end of your lease? By signing a renewal, you get to extend your stay at your community!

If I renew, will my guarantor have to sign again?
No. Your guarantor doesn't have to do anything extra!
If I renew, do I have to move out then move back in?
When you renew and choose to stay in your current spot, no moving is required!
I'm graduating in December, can I still renew?
Contact the office for details on the options available to you.
I just moved in, is it too early to renew?
Renewing now will provide the most benefit to you. By signing early, you will secure your space for next year and take advantage of the best pricing available.
How do I renew?

We know how busy you are, so we have made the process as quick and easy as possible. Renewing is a easy as "1,2,3!" Just following these steps:

1. Open your renewal email from us.
2. Review the terms, and click "Accept"
3. Follow the prompts to sign the new lease agreement.

It's that easy!

When do I start paying the new rent amount?
On the first day of your new lease.

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